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Database design and SQL/DDL script generation

Using Toad Data Modeler database design tool, you will not only create ER diagrams and design your databases. The tool gives you the opportunity to get a full control over the final SQL script, generate individual parts of your model, generate triggers, stored procedures etc. The automatic SQL script generation feature may save you hundreds of hours of your work.

Toad Data Modeler can generate SQL scripts for you, but you need another tool to execute the generated SQL code.

Advanced database design

Toad Data Modeler gives you absolutely unique opportunity. Via the scripting, you can affect your database design and the process of SQL (DDL) code generation in full. The implemented Internal scripting allows you to include your own, additional insertions into the final SQL script.

Generation of Alter Scripts (change scripts)

Compare two models and generate change script automatically!
See a list of supported databases!