Toad for Apache Hadoop

Free Tool for Apache Hadoop Users

Write and execute Hive queries comfortably, transfer data from Oracle to Hive and vice versa, browse HDFS or visualize executed jobs on Charts perspective. See below an overview of key features and benefits.

Apache Hadoop Connection Configuration

  • Automatic recognition and configuration of CDH VM (VirtualBox)
  • Various connection methods:
    • QuickStart VM for CDH
    • CDH managed by Cloudera Manager
    • Generic Hadoop Cluster - Servlet Configuration
    • HDP managed by Ambari
    • Manual Configuration

Apache Hadoop Connection

Hive - Structure and Data Browser

  • Hive structures browser.
  • Data and metadata viewer.
  • Export data to XLS or CSV (to local disk).
  • Schema filters:
    • Active schema
    • Preferred schemas
    • All schemas

Structure and Data Browser

Hive Editor

  • Intelligent Content Assist (intellisense).
  • Syntax check.
  • Highlighting.
  • Formatting.
  • Quick documentation
    (Mouse cursor on object name shows object details).
  • Export results to XLS or CSV
  • Hierarchical Explain Plan
  • History of executed statement, including:
    • Query Statement
    • Results (limited number of records)
    • Explain plan
    • Properties
    • Jars

Hive Editor

HDFS Browser

  • File system browser
  • File upload and download
  • Folder or file permissions management
  • Content preview
  • Information about blocks and availability

HDFS Browser

Data Transfer - Definition

View dependencies and see references found in:

  • Copy data from Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server to Hive and vice versa
  • Processing of multiple tables in single transfer.
  • Recognition of dangerous operations
  • Quick filters for object selections
  • Mappers Advisory
  • Direct Mode

Transfer data from Oracle to Hive

Data Transfer - Progress and History

  • Progress information for the complete data transfer as well as for each database table.
  • Navigation to newly created Hive tables.
  • Navigation to Logs Perspective.
  • Navigation to Charts Perspective

Data Transfer - Oracle to Hive


  • Details on Application, Jobs or Tasks level.
  • Predefined Filters
  • Drilldown to lower or upper levels.
  • Navigation to Hive, Transfer or Charts perspective items.
  • Naming of jobs executed from Toad for Apache Hadoop.



  • Visualization of finished applications.
  • Quick overview of tasks with long duration, large number of tasks etc.
  • Map & Reduce Tasks information.
  • Chart Categories.
  • Hints.